Eagle Eye Agricultural Success Stories

Eagle Eye has been thoroughly tested in Australia on a range of horticultural crops during the 2008/09 growing season. Examples of crops include strawberries, apples, stone fruit and tropical fruits. A very wide variety of birds were deterred including rainbow lorikeets, indian mynas, starlings, sparrows, wattle birds, blackbirds, ravens and pied currawongs to name but a few.

Site Installed:Australian Olive Expo ACT Australia – Research crop


Eagle Eyes:Two units powered by solar protecting a hectare area

Results:Eagle Eye protecting various olive varieties of your age. Starlings completely destroyed the 2008 crop with not a single olive harvested. The 2009 crop yielded 275Kg of olives which was significant considering the age and the size of the trial area.

Site Installed:Field Strawberries – Mornington, Vic.

Species:Rainbow lorikeets, blackbirds, mynas and many others. Very high pressure site (installed late, during fruiting season)

Eagle Eyes:Two units powered by solar protecting a hectare area

Results:The two units were positioned on the southern side of the one hectare plot. Excellent result was achieved within a 50m radius around the units. The units were installed at a height of 1.5m and spaced 50 meters apart. Future installations will be installed at 3-4 meters high and 100 meters apart to achieve the desired control over a larger area.

Site Installed:Apple Orchard – East Melbourne, Vic.

Species:Rainbow lorikeets, mynas, starlings, magpies and others

Eagle Eyes:Two units powered by solar protecting a trial area within a large orchard

Results:Eagle Eye protecting 4 rows of apples in a East Melbourne orchard. Excellent result considering the almost complete destruction of adjacent rows.

Site Installed:Vineyard – Stellenbosch SA


Eagle Eyes:Two units

Results:Our viticulturist, discovered a new invention called an ‘ Eagle Eye' ! The Eagle Eye is an optic electrical bird control system and works by silently reflecting light in such a manner to irritate birds in its presence, thereby lessening the losses caused by birds damaging or consuming grapes , or other produce. We now have two Eagle Eyes on strategic points on the farm where most of our losses occurred.

This works very well and importantly, causes no harm to the birds while keeping them at bay. The system is energy efficient (is solar power driven ) and endorsed by the South African Department of Nature Conservation.

From: http://www.rainbowsend.co.za/blog/

Site Installed:Vineyard

Species:Sparrows, Starlings, Guinea Fowl

Eagle Eyes:Number and position of units varied from site to site

Results:Eagle Eye protecting Cabernet grapes from starlings, sparrows and Guinea fowl. “Before installing the Eagle Eye bird scaring system we could not harvest one single grape from the first 7 rows of this block of Cabernet. After installing the Eagle Eye system, we have a 90% improvement.”.

Site Installed:Vegetable Farm

Species:Sparrows, Geese

Eagle Eyes:2

Results:There has been a lot less crop damage since the installation of the Eagle Eye Bird Scarers. The units are mobile and are easily repositioned in the different crop fields.

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