Eagle Eye News

October 2011

Wind-Driven Eagle Eye for Yachts and Boats

Eagle Eye also has a solution for Yachts and boats.


Pigeons and Sea-gulls are a massive problem for Yacht- and boat owners worldwide.

The birds are perching on the vessels, and their acidic droppings are damaging the surface, as well as the aesthetic value of the boat.

This Wind-driven Eagle Eye unit has been modified to be attached to the spreader system, and can be hoisted up with a pulley system.

This unit is easily accessible to clean and maintain.

Available in Silver for Pigeons and Red for Sea-birds.

Another wind-driven Eagle Eye unit, designed specifically for boats, is also available (with the required mounting pipes and brackets).

Let's try a disco ball to stop pigeons

THEY'VE tried trapping them, shooting them, baiting them and scaring them - and failed miserably to win the war against Sydney's pigeons. So how about blinding them with disco lights?

Sounds far-fetched, but Rail-Corp has unveiled its latest weapon to defeat the pigeon plague at city stations and it's a rotating, mirrored pyramid resembling a dance club disco ball.

The devices, called Eagle Eyes, work by reflecting light at various angles to confuse and disorient incoming pigeons. The company behind them claims the birds grow so irritated by the flashing lights they quickly find somewhere else to roost.

Fed up with flocks of pigeons pooping on commuters and staff and creating safety and hygiene issues, RailCorp has installed four of the devices at Central Station, with more to go up in the coming days. The pyramids have been placed in the ceiling of the main CountryLink concourse.

Another two will be located outside the tram stop. Special lights will be shone on the internal pyramids, while the two outdoors will rely on sunlight.

RailCorp customer service general manager Rino Matarazzo said the bird-deterrents had been well received by commuters, many of whom had thought the pyramids were part of RailCorp's official Christmas decorations.

RailCorp will install other pyramids at Hurstville and Waterfall stations by January. The rail authority has for years tried to rid its stations of the birds, adopting measures ranging from trapping them in cages and moving them off to stringing up fake eagles to scare them. But nothing has worked.

"The eagles seemed to keep the pigeons away at first, but then the pigeons got friendly with them, pecking at them, nesting on them and even trying to mate," Mr Matarazzo said. "We also tried putting up spikes everywhere, but the pigeons decided they were good places to nest."

Apart from being a pest, the mess left behind by pigeons created a slip hazard on platforms. Hurstville station staff were so fed up with pigeons roosting there, they planned to hire a contractor to shoot them. That plan was dropped late last year after details of the planned shooting were made public.

June/July 2010

FREE Open Space Bird Management Workshop including Eagle EyeTM Accreditation - Sydney and Gold Coast July 2010. 

You are invited to a FREE Open Space Bird Management Workshop including Eagle EyeTM Accreditation, to be offered inSydney and Gold Coast during July 2010.This technical workshop, presented by Pest IT Pty Ltd, will be a full day session conducted by our International guest Chris Kotze of Eagle Eye South Africa and Peter McCarthy of Pest IT.

   Contact us on 1300 66 56 57 for details or to reserve your place.

April 2010

Installer Accreditation courses are planned for most Australian states between June - October 2010. To register your interest for installing Eagle Eye for both industrial and horticultural use please contact 1300 66 56 57 for details.

March 2010

Special Offer


We have a new kits available at a very special price. Order two Eagle Eye’s and receive the solar panel to run both units FREE. A 5w panel is suited to central and northern states, while a 10w panel is suited to southern states. Both have battery back up systems and wiring to run the units 50-100 metres apart. This option is a great cost saving option on roof and other open areas where multiple units can be connected to one panel.

February 2010

Pest IT launches a new web site for Bird Barrier products in Australia

Pest IT is pleased to launch our new web site for Bird Barrier products - www.BirdBarrier.com.au. Having supplied the Australian market for many years with the Bird Barrier range, you will be able to visit this site to learn more about the variety of physical devices and scare deterrents available in Australia for managing pest birds. Projects, product specifications, assistance with identifying pest birds and brochures are just some of the many features of this site.

January 2010

Using Eagle Eye in combination with Bird Shock Flex-Track

One of the exciting developments during 2009 was the installation of Eagle Eye in combination with Bird Shock Flex-Track to deter pest birds. This use of this combination increases the proportion of deterrence above the recommended 80% with Eagle Eye alone. This process has been very successful for numerous projects including roof areas of large appartment complexes with pigeons, cockatoos damaging domestic homes with pool solar heating and industrial complexes with a variety of pest bird species to name but a few.

September 2009

Installer Accreditation course occurring in Perth - September 9th. Contact 1300 66 56 57 for details.

Extensive Eagle Eye installations occurring on landfill and grain facilities, details, results and photos to be launched in the near future.

Eagle Eye featured in the Spring edition of Fruit Tree magazine.

August 2009 

Servicing Eagle Eye units

Eagle Eye is a reflecting “optical” bird scarer and in order to maintain the strong, menacing flashes that scare birds, the system must be cleaned regularly. In most cases, this can take place every 6 months or so. However, in aggressive environments such as salt water, aquatic, dusty, rural or grain situations, cleaning may need to occur more frequently. Particularly in salt environments; the metal coatings of the Eagle Eye will actually corrode if not maintained.

Here are our tips for servicing Eagle Eye’s:

  • Firstly, clean the system regularly to protect and maintain a clean, shiny and dust-free reflective surface

  • Each service, inspect the Eagle Eye head to see if you need to increase the frequency of cleaning

  • Only use Aqua-Shield to clean and polish Eagle Eye units. This will clean and protect the surface and repel dust and finger   marks, without damaging the surface

  • Definitely, do not use solvent or alcohol based cleaners as this will remove the metal coating off the base. This therefore removes the reflecting surface and stops the system working adequately. If this occurs, replacement heads are available

  • When cleaning, use a spirit level to check that your unit is level (vertically plumb) to ensure the motor spins correctly. Units that are not plumb will damage your motor and void warranties

  • Include cleaning and maintenance in your installation service contract

  • Where possible, mount the units where you can access them regularly. Recently we have used long poles in installations to avoid the need of access equipment

Aqua Shield is recommended for use in regular cleaning of the reflective surface of the Eagle Eye bird deterrent system. AQUA SHIELD - is a unique formulation that provides a microscopic protective and sanitised coating to all clean surfaces. It repels dust, dries without streaking, does not leave a film, non-yellowing with age, protects and seals surfaces and fills microscopic surface pores. It resists dust, grime, smudging, water and finger marks. For cleaning Eagle Eye - use quarterly or half yearly depending on the local dust and pollution that will reduce the reflective output of Eagle Eye. Use Aqua Shield monthly in salt environments such as marinas, wharfs and water front areas to clean and protect the surface against corrosion.

July 2009

Pest IT nominates additional Eagle Eye stockists in Australia

Pest IT is pleased to welcome IHD (Independent Horticultural Distributors) as stockists of Eagle Eye in Australia.  IHD will distribute the range to the horticultural and agricultural markets. For details, contact 1300 66 56 57 or see the new Eagle Eye web site for contact details.

June 2009

New Eagle Eye web site

With the growing popularity of the Eagle Eye system, Pest IT is pleased to launch the Australian home of Eagle Eye www.EagleEyeBird.com.au. Here you will find videos, product information, success stories, installation details and how to gain assistance with setting up the system. We are adding new success stories and will shortly launch a news and media release section of Eagle Eye. Keep your eye on it!  To read more……


By attending this workshop you will be equipped with the necessary information to conduct useful bird disturbance programs for your commercial clients. It is critical that all bird managers are aware of the attributes of systems such as Eagle Eye to ensure a successful outcome. Reviewing a series of Australian case studies will assist bird management professionals in the correct use and placement of the system.


 Monday 26th July 2010

 Gymea Trade Union Club  57 Manchester Road Gymea

 Wednesday 28th July 2010

 Bond University, Princeton Ballroom 2. University Drive Varsity Lakes

 A campus map will emailed to all attendees.

TIME: 9am (sharp) to 4pm