1. All materials and parts used in the Eagle EyeTM unit are covered by a one-year replacement policy.
  2. This one year warranty period shall commence from the certified date of distribution in the country of installation.
  3. Damage to Eagle Eye units caused by any of the following events are excluded:
    • Vandalism,
    • Any customisations or modifications made to the units,
    • Stolen goods,
    • Damage from natural causes such as lightning, storms, avalanches, hurricanes and any other extreme weather conditions,
    • Acts of God.
  4. The warranty to the motor is subject to:
    • Correct installation (plumb),
    • Maximum power input regulated to 12 Volts direct current.
  5. The warrantee on the reflective top is subject to usage in an ordinary atmospheric environment and excludes the following:
    • Acid rain,
    • Prolonged exposure to sulphur or similar aggressive gasses or liquids.
  6. This warranty agreement is one of utmost good faith which includes that the parties will act reasonably, honestly and in good faith, performing their obligations arising from this agreement diligently and with reasonable care and they shall make full disclosure to each other of any matter which may effect the execution of this agreement. The parties undertake to do all things and take steps to procure the doing of all such things and the performance of all such acts as may be necessary or incidental to give, or to the giving of effect to the terms, conditions and import of this agreement in a proficient and businesslike manner.

Performance Claim

The Eagle Eye bird scarer is an effective bird deterrent device that harmlessly relocates birds. Birds are scared, disoriented when in flight and irritated while stationary by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye unit. The Eagle Eye is complementary to the full range of products and techniques used by bird control experts to relocate birds from infested areas. Correct placing and Installation is relatively easy. The Eagle Eye optical devise has proven to be effective for the control and management of birds in a variety of applications. Like all other bird deterrents the performance of the Eagle Eye unit is an inverse function of bird pressure. In many applications all birds relocated. In instances where nesting and food sources were present, the success rate was lower. On average 80% plus of all birds relocated within the first few weeks.